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José Páez del Nogal: Three Elements | José Páez del Nogal: tres elementos

Curatorial text by Adriana Herrera, Ph.D.

Statements by Carol Damian, Ph.D.

May 1st 2015 – Juin 27, 2015

Vernissage: Friday 01 Mayo, 6-10pm

Venezuelan artist Jose Paez del Nogal (Venezuela, 1951) offers its first solo exhibition in the United States in collaboration with Canale Diaz Art Center, a cultural space that has recently opened its doors in the beautiful city of Coral Gables.

Three Elements is the result of the successful career of this talented artist and painter. The exhibition shows fifteen of recents works of this artist and fifteen other works are available on the website gallery. The artist will be present in the gallery during vernissage.

After participating in exhibitions in Aruba, Colombia, Cuba, Italy, Netherlands Antilles, United States and Venezuela, the artist returns to Miami to offer an exhibition of his last series of works where the maturity of composition shows his extraordinary ability to combine drawing and painting on a single canvas.

"Paez del Nogal combines strokes with geometric drawings and plays with the lines and space interaction to create suspended in time moving backwards forward or sideways on the canvas. It is as the viewer experiences the effect of "pull-push" between the elements of his pictures. This interaction is transmitting both the meaning and the value of his compositions" Carol Damian, Ph.D

"The reference to the presence of Japanese calligraphy in his work also is inevitable [...] There is a relationship between the capacity retention of ink and shapes of the brush - Mental musician and allowing the execution of short, long, and extra largos- strokes and training drawing and gestural painting as the same action, although rigorous and disciplined.

The succes of abstract work of Jose Paez del Nogal lies in having achieved a synthesis of what the frenetic contemporary life line (the merger & oacute; n between calligraphy indecipherable as and the vast planes of color) that are further enhanced by the gesture picture rich whose origin is the extreme concentration that unifies his multiple creative forces to reach a whole" Adriana Herrera, Ph.D.

About Canale Diaz Art Center

The Art Center, recentlyfoundation functions as a cultural space that combines different art trends focused mainly on contemporary Latin American Art. The center combines its events with literature, poetry and education. The main objective of the center is to provide an enriching cultural experience for the public.

Canale Diaz Art Center is directed by Marco Canale and Manuel Diaz, economist and businessman, respectively. Both are art collectors and have worked as art dealers in Venezuela for several years. They also provide advisory services for a new and / or experienced collectors, as well as and individuals wishing to invest in art. Canale Diaz Art Center strives to become the new cultural space in the Gables


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