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Structures: Snapping the lines of Geometric Abstraction

Canale Diaz Art Center is pleased to announce the launch of our upcoming solo show titled "Structures: Snapping the lines of Geometric Abstraction" this Thursday, June 08. The exhibition assembles the most recent works from Miami-based artistic photographer Lucy de la Vega.

Structures is not an architectural photography exhibition per se, or at least not understood as having Architecture pose as a portrait subject matter in the show. Although heavily relying on Architecture, the show explores the limits found within architectural lines to define Geometric Abstraction in Photography.

Out in the Blue by Lucy de la Vega

De la Vega's photographs are not random, yet they don't feel staged: they provide the unforeseen perspective. The geometric abstract composition behind the selected works pushes towards what is pure in form and color. However contradictory the link between Photography and Abstraction may be, Architecture is the show's underlying connection.

Interference by Lucy de la Vega

The artist solely uses her digital camera to create the outcome you will see in this solo show. No editing, special effects or accessories were utilized. The exhibit's photographs are simply the result of the artist's intuitive virtuosity. The digital image is printed on photographic paper without any enhancements.

Openings on Blue by Lucy de la Vega

As an artistic photographer, De la Vega has a powerful instinct guiding her creative process. She has a special sensibility towards materials, shapes, and angles. An outcome that stems not only from her personal experience but also from her travels around the world. Her work is devoted to the insatiable quest for new perspectives, that is, the meaning within the meaning. She plays with the title of her photographs to shake the viewer's first impression, agitate its thought-process and ensure that a profound imprint is left on their mind.

Peaking Edges by Lucy de la Vega

Lucy de la Vega (Havana, Cuba, 1955) is a self-taught photographer that has explored at will and for the past four decades her snapping passion. Although she embraces the digital age and is grateful for the freedom that technology and digital photography has brought to the scene, she remains quite conservative on her artistic process. The artist considers each photograph taken as a once-in-a-lifetime frame, like in the film epoch she tells us: "Each detail has to be carefully thought of beforehand and I frame each photograph as if I only had one chance to get it right."

Red Continuum by Lucy de la Vega

This solo show is the Center's first online-only exhibition while we transit between locations. The complete exhibit will be made available on Artsy.net and our website this week and until August 06. "Structures: Snapping the lines of Geometric Abstraction" intends to renew the vision of what is already known and established in diverse movements by combining these tendencies through a fresh perspective: De la Vega's eyes.

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