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PopMatters: Closing Reception

Canale Diaz Art Center cordially invites to the Closing Reception of "PopMatters" on Saturday, October 01, 2016 from 2-6pm. The exhibition assembles the most recent works from Latin-American artists Raul Cardozo, Andres Celis, Antonio Cortes Rolon, Ahmed Gomez and Alejandro Plaza.

"PopMatters" is a group show where these 5 artists make the fundamentals of the ‘50s & ‘60s Pop Art their own to enrich the current visual arts language. They share different angles and connections with this particular movement, while maintaining similar legacies.


Ahmed Gomez - Dangerous Liaisons

Ahmed Gomez | Dangerous Liaisons, 2016 | Acrylic on canvas | 54" x 96"


The show begins with the seductive aesthetics of Cuban Ahmed Gomez and his Pin-Up Girls astutely intertwined with lines and strokes that suddenly bring us closer to the abstract language. This blend of movements is also very familiar to Venezuelan Alejandro Plaza, who shares with us the optimistic vision of his inner world by combining surreal and abstract features, while preserving his contemporary Pop Art core.


Alejandro Plaza - Cherry Coke

Alejandro Plaza | Cherry Coke, 2014 | Acrylic on canvas | 51" x 31"


"PopMatters" is also an invitation for Puerto Rican Antonio Cortes Rolon with his latest series titled “An actor at the White House,” with which he explores the influence and complementarity of two very different spheres of power: Politics and Celebrities.  


Antonio Cortes Rolon

Antonio Cortes Rolon | Barack and George, 2013 | Acrylic on canvas | 36" x 36"


With Venezuelan Andres Celis the center resumes the appreciation of craftsmanship as an art expression, this time around, profoundly immersed in today’s pop culture. His sculptures are meticulously carved and flawlessly finished through the use of techniques as modern as distant to the art world.

Andres Celis - Red-Orange Doodle, 2016

Andres Celis | Red-Orange Doodle, 2016 | Painted Metal | 32" x 20" x 16"

 Andres Celis - Pear #32, 2014

Andres Celis | Pear #32, 2014 | Enamel on wood | 14" x 9" x 6"


This group show is also an invitation for Venezuelan Raul Cardozo and his series “The Last Supper.” The artist makes a satirical combination between modern life icons and one of the most emblematic biblical scene. Very quietly, the viewer is advised of the author’s critique on today’s consumer society and globalized world. 


Raul Cardozo

Raul Cardozo | The Last Supper, 2015 | Mixed media on board | 51" x 79" x 4"


Wrapping up this summer group show, join us one last time and revisit the fundamentals of the Pop Art movement through the eyes of an inspiring new generation of artists. 


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