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Alternative Abstractions – Ludic Geometries


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We launch the new year with a stunning exhibition titled Alternative Abstractions – Ludic Geometries. A group show that gathers the most recent works from Colombian artist Danny Esquenazi and Venezuelan artists Aureliano Parra and Reymond Romero.

Their appearance in the art horizon was around the mid to late nineties, at a time when the conceptual ruptures with the great abstract geometricians and the kinetics masters had already happened; these artists belong to a generation where there were no predominant trends, no artistic movements, and in which everything had already been done – originality as a synonym of forgetfulness – these artists received the influx of the pioneers of modernity without needing to counter-impose them, like the preceding generation had. However, the personal path taken by Esquenazi, Parra, and Romero demonstrates that it is possible to explore alternative trends in abstraction.

Devoid of all those transcendental aesthetic concerns that were present in the case of their predecessors, the three artists share in their quests a sense of playing with tradition. This has yielded a passage into a free and productive dialogue with the art of the 20th century. In doing so, they create ludic geometrical figures in which it is possible to find recognizable quotes and influxes, yet both the materials they use, and the artworks they build, renew the abstract language with a playful disobedience to what would otherwise be considered insurmountable principles.

Instead of brushes and canvases, Esquenazi, Parra, and Romero “paint” three-dimensional geometries by playing with cubes and wooden supports, Mylar acetate plastic tubes, and threads, respectively. The exhibition Alternative Abstractions - Ludic Geometries explores their most recent investigations, and sets forth a relationship between art and game that expands the observer's action and perception fields.


After a successful participation during Miami’s Art Week, Canale Diaz Art Center launches the new year with a stunning exhibition titled “Alternative Abstractions – Ludic Geometries”. A group show that gathers the most recent works from Colombian artist Danny Esquenazi and Venezuelan artists Aureliano Parra and Reymond Romero. The Opening Reception will take place on Friday, February 5 from 7pm to 10pm as part of the city of Coral Gables’ Gallery Night.

Viewers will enjoy the artworks from these three Latin-American artists, leading the neo-kinetic movement and winners of dozen of awards whose oeuvres are present in numerous public and private collections. In “Alternative Abstractions – Ludic Geometries” these three artists continue their individual searches over new possibilities in the geometric space.

In this manner, we can appreciate how Danny Esquenazi has transferred previous generations’ learning in regards to the experience of color to an underlying layer such as wood, and extends the possibility of perceptual surprises, thus multiplying his geometric shapes. Esquenazi designs vast number of forms on which he blends colors and shadows so that the hue scales excite the eye to the point of fostering new sensations of movement, not only visual but emotional as well, according to show curator, Adriana Herrera Tellez, Ph.D.

For his part, Aureliano Parra’s artwork gives rise to three-dimensional pieces installed on the wall as curtains of Mylar acetate. In these geometries of light, Parra invades the space referencing the electrical world of twinkling lights or the speed of cars as seen from a great height drawing bright lines on the pavement. Parra uses unpredictable and perpendicular vectors to build dynamic color fields always in continuous expansion, explains Adriana Herrera Tellez, Ph.D.. Turning away from the traditional frames, he installs his pieces like a waterfall floating on the wall surface.

Finally, in Reymond Romero's artwork, the line has been replaced by thread. Romero transforms the legacy of expert generations in weaving objects such as weighing nets, or quilts, and extends the use of thread and its constructions into the contemporary art's field. Romero seeks to create a perceptive practice related to the tactile experience, this is, an emotional and changing experience of colors which moves according to the position of the observer interacting with the piece.

“Alternative Abstractions” will be on display until March 26th and open to the public Monday-Saturday from 10am to 6pm for those who would like to become acquainted to or rediscover the work of these three amazing artists.

Canale Diaz Art Center is located on 146 Madeira Ave. Coral Gables, FL 33134. More information about the art space, special events and represented artists can be found on the center´s website and social media. www.canalediaz.com / @CanaleDiaz / info@canalediaz.com / (786) 615-2622


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